Watermelon Tourmaline (Round)(Micro)(Faceted)(4mm)(15.5"Strand)

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Watermelon tourmaline beads showcase a captivating blend of green and pink hues reminiscent of their namesake fruit, exuding a natural and vibrant energy. These beads are prized not only for their striking appearance but also for their believed metaphysical properties, which are thought to promote harmony, balance, and emotional well-being. Whether incorporated into jewelry pieces or used in holistic practices, watermelon tourmaline beads add a touch of beauty and positive energy to any setting.

Origin: Brazil

Metaphysical Properties: Promotes Harmony, Balance, and Emotional Well-Being

Mohs Hardness: 7-8

Average Strand Length: 15.5

Average Beads per Strand

4mm: 98

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