Turquoise (Round)(Micro)(Faceted)(Medium-Grade)(2mm)(2.5mm)(15"Strand)

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Turquoise, when expertly cut and polished into small faceted beads, exhibits a distinct and captivating beauty. These beads showcase a range of colors and patterns that are visually appealing. The shades of blue and green, varying in intensity and clarity, create an enchanting display. The meticulous cut and polish enhance the natural luster of the stone, allowing it to shimmer and reflect light. Turquoise beads bring an element of elegance and charm to any jewelry piece. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, turquoise is believed to possess metaphysical properties, fostering calmness and self-expression.

Origin: China

Metaphysical Properties: Promotes Clear Communication, Protection, and Balance

Mohs Hardness: 5-6

Average Strand Length: 15in

Average per Strand

2mm: 10

2.5mm: 12

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