Tiger Eye (Rondelle)(Smooth)(6mmx2mm)(15.5"Strand)

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Tiger Eye is a chatoyant gemstone and a member of the Quartz family. It has a golden to red brown color and is one of the most well known stones in the world. As a member of the Quartz group, it gains its appearance from the parallel intergrowth of quartz crystals.

Thin Rondelle beads crafted from mesmerizing Tiger Eye, known for its chatoyant shimmer and the protective energy it offers, make exquisite additions to jewelry creations, enhancing both aesthetics and the wearer's sense of balance and confidence.

Origin: South Africa

Shape: Rondelle

Finish: Smooth

Metaphysical Properties: Promotes Balance, Strength, and Fairness

Mohs Hardness: 7

Average Strand Length: 15.5 in

Average Beads per Strand: 190 beads

Bead Size: 6mm x 2mm

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