Red Garnet (Round)(Matte)(4mm)(6mm)(8mm)(10mm)(12mm)(16"Strand)

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Red Garnet, also known as Almandine Garnet, is a silicate mineral that has been used as a semi-precious stone since ancient times. Its name is derived from the Middle English word gernet which means 'dark red'. Red Garnet is the most commonly known of all the Garnets. These particular beads have been left in their original state, leaving them with a natural matted finish.

Sold By Strand

Origin: Sri Lanka, India, Brazil

Metaphysical Properties: Strength, Security, Prosperity

Mohs Scale: 7.5

Strand Length: 16in

Average Beads per Strand

4mm: 90

6mm: 62

8mm: 48

10mm: 38

12mm: 32

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