Muonionalusta Meteorite (Round)(Smooth)(8mm)(10mm)(12mm)

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These Muonionalusta Meteorite Beads are AMAZING! They are made from genuine Muonionalusta Meteorite fragments found in Sweden which is said to have impacted the region around 1 million years ago. Like most Iron objects the meteorite beads are heavy and prone to rust and tarnish. To prevent this, our beads have been Rhodium plated, giving them an extra shine and protection against the elements. The beautiful pattern, also known as the Widmanstatten pattern, is unique to meteorites. It is the result of an interweaving of the iron-nickel alloys known as Kamacite and Taenite over long periods of time in space. We only have a limited supply so buy them while they last.

Origin: Sweden

Metaphysical Properties: Spiritual Growth and enhancement of Psychic Abilities

Mohs Hardness: 3.5-4.5

Average Bracelet Length: 7inch

Beads per Bracelet

8mm: 23 beads

10mm: 19 beads

12mm: 17 beads

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