Mix Moonstone (Rondelle)(Triangle-Faceted)(10x8mm)(15.5"Strand)

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Moonstone is a variation of Feldspar with a unique sheen that resembles the light of the Moon. This visual effect occurs when light enters the stone and is bended by the altering, inner layered structure of Moonstone. It comes in three Natural colors, white, peach, and grey, which can all be found in these strands.

These particular beads have been cut and polished using a distinct style of faceting called, Triangle Faceting. This produces beautiful Triangular shaped facets on the beads, which in turn cause a greater reflection of light due to the larger surface area of the facets. Simply Amazing!

Origin: Sri Lanka

Metaphysical Properties: Promotes Self Discovery and Intuition

Mohs Hardness: 6-6.5

Average Strand Length: 15.5in

Beads per Strand: 37 beads

Bead Size: 10mm x 8mm

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