Madre de Cacao Wood (Round)(Smooth)(6mm)(8mm)(10mm)(12mm)(16"Strand)

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Madre de Cacao wood, native to the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia, is a versatile and sustainable choice for jewelry making when crafted into bead form. Its rich, chocolate-brown hues and distinct grain patterns add an earthy elegance to any design, making each piece uniquely captivating. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Madre de Cacao is believed to possess metaphysical properties associated with grounding, protection, and spiritual healing, making it an enchanting addition to any jewelry collection with both beauty and meaning.

Origin: Philippines

Metaphysical Properties: Promotes Grounding, Protection, and Spiritual Healing

Janka Hardness: 1,010 to 1,130 lpf

Average Strand Length: 16 inch

Average Beads per Strand

6mm: 60 beads

8mm: 48 beads

10mm: 38 beads

12mm: 32 beads

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