Lodolite (Bicone)(Micro)(Faceted)(4mm)(15.5"Strand)

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Lodolite also known as Chlorite Phantom Quartz, is a type of Phantom Quartz with green and brown Chlorite inclusions. This natural combination of minerals occurs when a layer of chlorite is deposited on the outside of a small crystal. As a 2nd larger crystal starts growing over them, the chlorite is capture in between. This leaves us with a beautiful greenish phantom and the exact location of the original crystal inside.

These particular beads have been cut and polished into Faceted 4mm Bicones.

Origin: Brazil

Metaphysical Properties: Enhances Self-Healing, Regeneration, and Connection with Nature

Mohs Hardness: 7

Average Strand Length: 15.5in

Beads per Strand: 105 beads

Bead Size: 4mm

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