Herkimer Diamonds Quartz (Free Form)(Lengthwise)(16"Strand)

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Herkimer Diamonds is a name given to a rare type of Quartz found in Herkimer, NY. They are special in that they are double terminated. This means that contrary to regular crystal which only have one natural point, Herkimers have two points. These beads are drilled lengthwise, giving them a unique look that is much harder to achieve. 

Please Note

The Size options refer to the Size of the Crystals. All our strands average 15.5in-16inches in Length. The smaller the size of the crystal, the more beads on a strand and vice versa.

Sold By Strand

Origin: New York, USA

Metaphysical Properties: Promotes Good Health, Purification

Mohs Hardness: 7.5

Average Strand Length: 16in

Average Beads per Strand

Small: 35-45 beads

Medium: 25-35 beads

Large: 30 beads or less

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