Crazy Lace Agate (Heishe)(Smooth)(4mm)(15"Strand)

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Crazy lace agate is a type of agate that is known for its intricate patterns and vibrant colors, ranging from white and grey to red, orange, and brown. It is primarily composed of silica and is found in Mexico. When cut into heishe beads, crazy lace agate reveals its mesmerizing patterns and color variations, which make it a popular choice for jewelry making. The unique patterns of crazy lace agate resemble a beautifully abstract painting, and its varied hues add depth and character to any piece of jewelry. Its natural beauty and versatile appearance make it a highly sought-after gemstone in the jewelry industry.

Origin: Mexico

Metaphysical Properties: Promotes Evolution

Mohs Hardness: 7-8

Bead Size: 4mm wide by 2-3mm long

Strand Length: 15 inch

Beads per Strand: 160

Note: Heishe Beads are cut to resemble a more Natural look. Although the Width of the beads is even, the Height of the beads may vary. 

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