Cedar Wood (Round)(Matte)(6mm)(8mm)(10mm)(16"Strand)

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Cedarwood, revered for its metaphysical properties, is believed to offer grounding and protection, making it a popular choice for spiritual practices and rituals. In beaded jewelry, cedarwood beads are valued for their earthy aesthetic and calming energy, complementing gemstones and crystals while providing a sense of stability and connection to nature. This wood's natural properties also make it lightweight and comfortable to wear, adding both aesthetic and holistic value to jewelry pieces.

Origin: Pakistan

Metaphysical Properties: Promotes Grounding and Protection

Janka Hardness: 350 lpf

Average Strand Length: 16 inch

Average Beads per Strand

6mm: 62 beads

8mm: 48 beads

10mm: 38 beads

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