Black Tourmaline (Round)(Smooth)(4mm)(6mm)(8mm)(10mm)(12mm)(16"Strand)

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Black Tourmaline also known as Schorl, is the most common variation of Tourmaline. It can form into beautiful crystals of its own and can also be found as tiny needles within Quartz crystal where it is known as Tourmalinated Quartz. Widely used for its neutral color and for spiritual purposes, this easily one of the most popular stones today.

Sold By Strand

Origin: Brazil, Pakistan, USA

Metaphysical Properties: Wards of Negative Energies, Protection, Purification

Mohs Hardness: 7-7.5

Average Strand Length: 16in

Average Beads per Strand

4mm: 90

6mm: 62

8mm: 48

10mm: 38

12mm: 32

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