Larimar (Matrix)(Round)(Smooth)(6mm)(8mm)(16" Strand)

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These unique Larimar beads have a gorgeous blue color and a beautiful matrix going through it. This matrix comes from copper based inclusions in the stone. 

Larimar is the rare and only blue form of the mineral Pectolite. It is mined near the city of Barahona in the Dominican Republic in a mine known as "Los Chupaderos". Its was first discovered by a Priest in 1916, and was later rediscovered and given its name by Miguel Mendez in 1974. The name Larimar comes from the fusion of the name "Larissa" (Miguel Mendez's daughter's name) and the word "Mar" (Sea in Spanish).

Origin: Dominican Republic

Metaphysical Properties: Promotes Calmness

Mohs Hardness: 4.5-5

Average Strand Length: 16 inch

Average Beads per Strand: 

6mm: 62 beads

8mm: 48 beads

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